I Shot The Serif

On a train journey we noticed that some bands and solo artists had names that sounded like they could be typefaces; Ariel Pink, Ariana Grande… once we started, the list kept growing.

We didn’t know whether anyone would find it as enjoyable as we did but the tweet of our original list was ‘liked’ nearly 5,000 times.
Lots of people asked if we were going to make a print of it. We thought it would be cool to share a printable version and ask anyone who downloads it to donate to charity.
So that we are…

If you are going to print the artwork, we’re asking that you donate a minimum of £1 to Save The Children UK.

Save The Children - Logo


Click either of the images to load each file. Then right click on the loaded image to save, or simply choose the ‘Save’ option, depending on your device.

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